Mandala: Reimagining Columbus Circle
Karen Finley and Elastic City

Photo by Justin Liu

An original, participatory walk with artist Karen Finley for Columbia University GSAPP and Elastic City to launch the organization's 2014 Walks Festival.

"Think of Columbus Circle as a mandala — a circular intersection that connects the crossing of transportation, recreation, museum life, information age — all under the mantel of the Columbus monument, a symbol of conquest. The destruction and reuse of native pathways are taken for granted and forgotten with the not-so-subtle view of CNN as a backdrop for America’s news." On Mandala: Reimagining Columbus Circle, Karen Finley led participants as they questioned and considered the circular intersection and all of its complexities, challenges and possibilities. The group was encouraged to generate their own creative responses that question urban forms today.

Elastic City

Karen Finley

Review in Urban Omnibus

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