The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform
Janette Kim and Erik Carver
Princeton Architectural Press, Forthcoming

Editorial Consultant, transcripts of Underdome Sessions panel discussions

Analysis of contending political ecology agendas, featuring architects, policy makers, economists, historians, and engineers. 

In a climate crisis, shouldn't every option be on the table? When scientists and politicians declare an emergency, shouldn't we mobilize for one---by overhauling laws, economies, and the built environment? The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform is an architect's guide to the politics of energy. It maps conflicts and affiliations among various approaches to energy management and examines their implications for public life. It catalogs positions held by a diverse group of economists, environmentalists, community advocates, political scientists, and designers. It asks how architecture can realign collective priorities in today's built environment. Underdome addresses these ongoing agendas and, more than prescribing solutions, discusses the implications of politics on the way we design and build, ranging from the smallest scale of infrastructure to the largest energy grids.

Princeton Architectural Press